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4th Sunday of Easter

The following celebrations will take place during the days ahead.

  • Saturday: (20th Apr) 6pm Mass in St. Alban’s Church: Special Intention (Harbron)
  • Sunday: (21st Apr) 10am Mass in St. Patrick’s Church: The Parishioners Intentions
  • Tuesday: (23rd Apr) 10am Mass in St. Patrick’s parish centre:  Joyce McTaff
  • Thursday: (25th Apr) 10am Funeral Mass in St. Patrick’s Church: Frank Crilly
  • Saturday: (27th Apr) 6pm Mass in St. Alban’s Church: The Parishioners Intentions
  • Sunday: (28th Apr) 10am Mass in St. Patrick’s Church: Betty Wasp
  • Tuesday: (30th Apr) 10am Mass in St. Patrick’s parish centre: Breda Kinnane

Mass to view on line

Mass is live streamed from  the Holy Name, Jesmond. Visit the website for Mass times this week.

When you are unable to celebrate Mass in Church, you may wish to make this act of spiritual communion:

Lord Jesus, I believe that you are present in the most Blessed Sacrament. I love you above all things and I desire to receive you into my soul. Since I cannot now receive you sacramentally, come at least spiritually into my heart. I embrace you as if you were already there and unite myself wholly to you. Never permit me to be separated from you. Amen

Please keep in your prayers:

  • all our parishioners who are sick, housebound or in hospital
  • all those whose memories we cherish at this time and,
  • Mgr Phil Carroll (in retirement), Deacon John Hawthorne and Francis Crilly who have died. May they rest in the peace of the Risen Lord.

A Prayer for the troubled world

Prince of peace, in a world of conflict and violence
we pray that the peace you came to bring
may become a reality in the world of our own time. Amen.

Vocations Sunday

In 1964, Pope Paul VI, launched Vocations Sunday, which we celebrate this weekend – the 4th Sunday of Easter.

As Catholics and people of God we all know that God is calling us and has a plan for each of us. He called each of us by name through our Baptism to holiness. He continues to call out to us each day to be his disciples, some to the married life, some to the priesthood, some to religious life or to live as kind single people. Everybody is called! What is God calling you to?​

Along with the whole Church, let us pray for vocations today. Let us take time to stir the hearts and minds of the people around us to think about the topic of Vocation. The National Office for Vocation invites you to talk and encourage children, young people, grandchildren, students and family members to respond generously to the calling of the Lord.

God our Loving Father, you called each of us by name to holiness through the Sacrament of Baptism. Through the gift of the Holy Spirit, you made us the temples of the same Spirit. Help us to listen to the call of the Lord Jesus and  to respond to his call to ‘Go out to the whole world and proclaim the good news to all the nations’.

Guide us in every step we take in life and lead us in every decision we make in responding to your call. Make us and mould us into the living images of Christ your Son, who was always close to those in need. We make this prayer through Christ our Lord, Amen.

Collection for the Little Sisters of the Poor

St Joseph’s Home in Newcastle urgently need to replace some of the kitchenettes and furnishings. Specialist flooring on the main corridors of the care units requires essential upgrades to ensure the safety, comfort, and well-being of the residents and to maintain required standards of infection control. If you wish to make a donation to their appeal please place it in an envelope marked “Little Sisters” and place it one of the collection boxes at our church doors. If you have a box of envelopes you should find an envelope in your box. Should you wish to make a private contribution, you can do so by sending cheques made payable to ‘Little Sisters of the Poor’ to St Joseph’s Home, Westmorland Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE4 7QA. Alternatively, secure online donations can be made by visiting their website at

Think Tank meeting

Fr. Patterson wishes to thank those who were able to give their time to attend this meeting last Monday. It was well supported and provided the opportunity for a very positive and hopeful exchange of ideas as to how we could try to ensure that the pastoral support of the Church will develop in central Gateshead. The conclusion was that we must not feel threatened by change but develop and broaden our understanding of the nature of church and be realistic in our expectations of our new priest.

School News from Mrs Robinson

Hello again from all of us at St Alban’s School. We hope you enjoyed a wonderful Easter. It was lovely to meet many of you at Monday night’s Think Tank meeting in St. Patrick’s parish centre. I’m very much looking forward to seeing you at our school events. If any of you would like to come into school during May to pray the Rosary with the children, please email me to make arrangements. The children would be delighted to meet you.

Places available in our Nursery

Please spread the word to all families with young children that we have a few places left in our lovely nursery for children who are 3 or 4 years old. Arrange a visit by contacting the school office on 0191 469 3251 and find out why we are the best school in Pelaw!

Using your car on behalf of the parish

The Diocesan Health and Safety Officer has asked us to make parishioners aware of the following:-

If a driving related task is being completed by a volunteer on behalf of a parish, it is highly recommended that the volunteer informs their car insurance provider of their voluntary role. 

A suggested approach a volunteer might make with their car Insurance provider where they are completing a task on behalf of the parish might be as follows:-

I engage in some purely voluntary activities for my local church for which I am not reimbursed in any way. (Two examples follow) (a) Every fortnight, I am asked to collect two fellow parishioners from their homes and transport them to our Church and back home after the Church service. (b) Each week I transport collection money from my church, which has been donated during the previous week, to the local Post Office. I would be grateful to know if my voluntary role needs to be noted by you against my current car insurance policy.

If their response is that you need to pay an additional premium, ask for a quote as to what the additional cost would be and if you feel it is unreasonable for you to pay, please inform your priest or Health and Safety representative. Terry Harbron is the representative for St. Alban’s and Joanne McShane is the representative for St. Patrick’s.

If your role is purely voluntary and not formally arranged by the parish or Diocese, the need to inform your insurance would not apply.

Gift Aid Scheme

Are you aware that if you are a UK tax payer and make an offering to our church collection you could join the Gift Aid Scheme enabling our parishes to gain an extra 25% of your offering, at no extra cost to you. If you feel you could be a part of the Gift Aid Scheme, please email the Parish Gift Aid Organiser, John Gillum at for further details or have a word with Fr. Patterson.

Your offerings are our sole source of income

Although we do not take a collection at Mass by passing round a basket, we do hope you will feel able to make an offering towards the upkeep and running costs of our churches in one of the boxes you will find at the entrances to our churches.  Alternatively you may consider making your offering by Standing Order the details of which are below.

For St. Alban’s: Account name: DHN Pelaw St Alban: Sort code: 40-34-18 Account No: 92010984

For St. Patrick’s: Account name: DHN Felling St Patrick: Sort code: 40-34-18 Account No: 52010453

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